Childbirth Education

Class Schedule:

-Classes begin September (weeknights 6:30-8:30pm)
-Registration currently being accepted 
-Classes are kept small to allow for individual instruction and may fill quickly, early registration is encouraged

Classes cover the following topics in an extensive 12-week course:


It's important for the overall health of mother and baby to understand what foods and which nutrients are necessary during pregnancy.


Conditioning and strengthening the muscles used during pregnancy and labor will not only make for less pain throughout your pregnancy and decreased pain during labor, but can also help to speed the labor process, build stamina, and increase energy for the laboring mother.

Stages of Labor:

Labor is a very exciting time!  Learning which stage of labor you are in can be critical in helping to conserve energy and avoid unnecessary medical intervention.

Labor Techniques:

There are many comfort measures and techniques for reducing pain during labor.  These are important for both the mother and the coach!


One of the best ways to prepare for birth is to learn (and practice, practice, practice) how to completely and effectively relax your body during labor.  There are several techniques that may be used to achieve complete relaxation.

Birth Planning:

Know what you want before you get to the hospital/birth center/or even at your home birth.  Yes, these plans can change, sometimes rather quickly and necessarily, but planning is important and can help ease stress before and during labor.
Coach/Doula Training:

One of the best things about this program is the training the coach/husband/doula receives!  They are busy, helpful people throughout labor!


Learn simple techniques about how to properly breastfeed your baby and get resources for when issues may arise.

Postpartum Preparation:

Having a baby is a huge life-changing event.  There is a lot to take in and many adjustments that are made in raising a new family.  Get the facts and resources to help make your postpartum period as joyful and stress-free as possible.